"I love what I see and I'm thinking about having Shea Deighan as my wedding photographer!"
If you're interested in Shea and what he does, get in touch.
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{{answer_z3oCjJJFbaJS}}, what's your partner's name? *

When's the big day, {{answer_z3oCjJJFbaJS}}? *

I have bookings as far ahead as 2020. I really, really hope I'm available for your wedding. Being booked already makes me sad. :-(
Where is your venue? *

I'll travel anywhere and I don't charge for travel.
Favourites of mine include: An Grianan, Villa Rose, Lough Eske Castle, Harvey's Point, Galgorm, Ballyliffin Lodge, Red Door and the Inishowen Gateway to name a few. :-)
{{answer_z3oCjJJFbaJS}}, what's the best number to reach you at? *

I'll only ever call you to make sure you got my email as sometimes they get lost in cyberspace. :-(
{{answer_z3oCjJJFbaJS}}, where did you find out about Shea's wedding photography? *

Couples choose a variety of reasons but my favourite is being recommended by a friend. Hopefully, I'll see your friend at the wedding and thank them. :-)

{{answer_z3oCjJJFbaJS}}, on a scale of 1 - 10, how much do you want Shea to be your wedding photographer?

10 = :-)    1 = :-(
{{answer_z3oCjJJFbaJS}}, tell me a little more about your wedding?

Is there anything else you'd like me to know?
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